No Monthly/Yearly Fee
Private and Confidential
Personalized Matchmaking

Hello, and welcome to Companion Outreach.

Since 1994, we’ve been dedicated to providing private/personalized matchmaking services for stable, mature, and responsible singles of diverse ages and walks of life, who are seeking serious, lasting relationships as compatible couples through our unique Companion Outreach Matchmaking Club.

How it works

There’s no monthly or yearly membership fee required.

The images and video clips displayed on our website are intended for illustrative as well as inspirational purposes only.

The concept of our private / personalized matchmaking service is simply one-of-a-kind. We preserve your privacy and confidentiality throughout our matchmaking process.

Every member is required to have access to an email address plus a whatsapp phone number.

Become a member

To become a member, you must complete and submit the membership registration form. Along with a brief personal presentation video introducing yourself, and describing the type of companion you are seeking. Your appearance must be neat and presentable. NO dark sunglasses please.

The duration of your personal presentation video must NOT exceed (2) minutes.

There should be NO loud or noisy background disruptions.

Your contact information must NOT be included in your personal presentation video. Your contact information must consist of an email address plus a WhatsApp phone number.

Your personal presentation video can be made by simply using the video camera of your mobile phone. Such as an iPhone, Android or Smartphone.

Likewise, you will be presented with personal presentation videos of members in that very same fashion as they become accessible.

There’s no specific timeframe to find a suitable match for you. However, of course, your utmost patience is of paramount importance.

After selecting the member you choose to contact, you will simply pay a small service fee to receive the contact information of that member.

In the event that you find you’re suitable match, please inform us immediately so that we can archive you from our active database.

Thank you very much for your serious interest in joining. And may God bless you abundantly.

We gladly anticipate on making that special difference in your life just as we’ve made in the lives of countless others through our unique Companion Outreach Matchmaking Club.

Leave that loneliness behind and find some peace of mind with that special someone you are bound to find.


Best Regards,
Companion Outreach