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No-one deserves to be lonely.  Everyone needs someone to love and cherish. As well as being loved and cherished.  We therefore gladly invite you to join our unique Companion Outreach club exclusively for decent, stable, responsible Seniors and non-Seniors alike of diverse ages and walks of life who are seriously seeking compatible companionship.  It cost nothing to join.

How It Works

Hello, and thank you for your serious interest in joining our unique Companion Outreach  Circle. 


Since 1994, we've been gladly committed to helping countless Seniors and non-seniors alike, who have happily found their ideal companion through our unique Companion Outreach Circle.


We, of course, gladly anticipate making that special difference in your life as well.



Privacy guaranteed. Unlike other online matchmaking services, we do not post photos and profiles of members on our website. It's simply our policy as well as our priority to ensure the utmost confidentiality among members. Therefore, the photos and profiles among members are available exclusively by way of an email.


As a member, you will receive exclusive photos and profiles of members of the opposite sex as prospects befitting your personal standards, preferences, or criteria as a suitable companion.


 After you receive exclusive photos and profiles of members of the opposite sex,  you will select the member that you desire to contact. You will then simply pay a small service fee of ($13.00) to contact that member.


In the event that you find your ideal companion, please inform us immediately so that we can archive you from our active database.


We certainly anticipate that you will find your ideal companion just as countless others have happily achieved through our unique Companion Outreach Circle.


Best regards,

Companion Outreach Circle 

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